5 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid

5 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid

Common SEO Mistakes to avoid

Optimizing website and blog is a very important part of any one’s Digital Media Strategy. As we know SEO is the very dynamic space and it’s changing nearly every day once a Google employs said that Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year that is approximately twice a day, so it’s very important to optimize your website as per the Google policy. so here are 5 common SEO mistakes that you can avoid in 2019.[social_warfare buttons=”Facebbok, Twitter, Reddit “]

As the user preferences are changing so the SEO method is also changing constantly so it’s not very easy to stay on top of google search. Many companies are becoming the victim of Google and losing customers and are suffering lower conversion rates, hence are left with no other option but to run paid ads.

So it’s very important to keep up with the ever-changing SEO, so I have listed down below 5 common SEO mistake that companies make while optimizing their website/ blog. And also how you can avoid these common mistakes.

Common SEO Mistakes to avoid

  1. Lack of Proper keywords:

    SEO is all about keywords optimization and we often don’t do keyword research in a proper way and hence wind up not ranking in search results, users and search engines both prefer long tail keywords, ex: best gaming laptops under 40,000, not best gaming laptop, and also people might search for your products in a certain way not in, defining your products with generic keywords, so don’t choose according to your mind choose the keywords how your potential customer is going to search for it.

Some tools for doing keyword research: Google trends, Ubbersuggest, Moz Keywords explorer, Google keyword planner, SEMrush.

  • Keyword Stuffing

    The worst thing to do is keyword stuffing i.e putting the keywords in every sentence of the content or using the keywords more than they are required, Google says that the keyword density should only be 3-5% in the content that means if the content Is of 100 words the keywords should not be used more than 5 times. Google is using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). It can recognize the content and the keywords.

  • Not focusing on the Title tag and Meta tags

    Optimizing your website content is just not enough for on-page SEO, people often forget about optimizing Title and Meta tags for SEO purpose, although these things don’t bring an SEO impact on your website, it helps in Keyword placement in these places and eventually helps in ranking higher in Google Search result. So in my advice, I would recommend you to place your main keywords in title tags and Meta tags.

  • Focus on Mobile Experience.

    SEO is not only focusing on the desktop version of your website but at the same time Mobile experience is also very important and in some cases, it’s a necessity rather than an option. Now as Google is Using Mobilegeddon Update since 2015 its very important that how is the user experience on Mobile devices, and how the user is interacting with companies on mobile websites as per recent data which shows that more than 63% users use a Mobile device to engage with brands, and most of the conversions are happening on Mobile only, it’s very important for brands to focus on Mobile experience and how much they can use Mobile to convert leads into customers.

  • Make good use of Analytics

    As we all know that SEO is a very dynamic Process which is changing every day so it’s very important to know what content and what keywords are working for your website, With the Tools like Google Webmasters, Bing Webmasters, etc. we can always determine what is working for us and what needs to change. SEO is a thing that should be done on an everyday basis and with the help of these you can always perform an SEO Audit and Correct what’s going wrong.

  • Conclusion

    SEO is a Dynamic process and also a key element of content strategy of any Companies it’s a very common thing that nobody can master this art but these are some basic 5 SEO Mistakes which you can avoid and make your SEO better.

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