Achyut Awasthi

About Achyut

Our founder, Mr. Achyut Awasthi, a very smart working man who has done remarkable works in this field, is a man of his words. He highlights the fact that we need you more than you need us, perhaps, that is why, it is not only our commitment but our duty to serve you the best. Keeping this motive in mind, our leader has worked day and night to touch new heights of knowledge in Digital Marketing and arm you with only and only the best in your arsenal. A Google AdWords Certified  Digital Marketing Consultant, who has assisted in developing Digital Marketing Strategies for some of the prestigious Indian companies and has played a key role in spreading awareness about Digital Marketing .


Achyut Awasthi CEO Digi infy

Achyut's Vision

Digital Marketing is still a less explored field in our country. Digital Marketing  is not just about recognizing your brand on a Digital platform but also recognizing your brand digitally. Achyut  aims to provide knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing to the upcoming generation of the country and he is dedicated to fulfilling our objective. Digital Marketing Consultant is the most in-demand career nowadays, and people good in such skills are very much in demand.


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