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We are marketing specialists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs  dedicated to create digital solutions to every of your branding needs, including PR, content marketing and social media solutions.


Social Media

it’s easy to see that social media marketing is a key element for success in marketing and many marketers realize the potential for business growth using the platform. 

Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective way to generate leads and we make it more easier for you to make it possible .


There it is, bring your website in the top of your search results, increase your website traffic, bring more people to your website, become successful with all with the magic of SEO, simply available to you on a click.

Design and Development

Websites are the face of your company in a virtual world, its becoming very important for you to build a responsive website. 

SEM & Content Marketing

As it said the Content is King in Digital Marketing so it is and we develop the best and authentic content for your brand which helps you to drive max no clients.. 

Increase Google Rank
Google Adwords Strategy

We nuture digital transformations for next-stage brands.

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Digi Infy is the best Digital Marketing Agency based in Kanpur U.P our best digital marketing specialist will take your brand name to zenith. become pur proud partner now. 

Our founder, Mr. Achyut Awasthi, a very smart working man who has done remarkable works in this field, is a man of his words.