Are you still wasting your MONEY & TIME in old and boring Digital Marketing techs? Are you still wondering that why the most effective way of marketing is not giving you feasible results?

If yes, then this blog can help you save your pocket from draining, and will walk you through some recent changes in Digital Marketing world which can help you save your time and money and can give you some really beneficial results with your campaigns.

The Digital Marketing world stands on FOUR main pillars

  1. Evolving Tech
  2. Story Based Advertisements
  3. Mobile intended Ads
  4. Local, Mobile, Social (Lo, Mo, So)



  • AI Driven Marketing: Now days every platform in the world of marketing is collecting and storing and information such as browsing history, browsing patterns, content preferences to create good customer experience and helps marketers to approach customers personally and design custom based marketing plans, for every customer.


One of the biggest transformations will be in switching many marketers’ focus from human to machine customers, competing for the attention.

To meet up the demands of customers and satisfy them with personalized messages we just need not to change what we are doing but also we need to change how we are doing it. Every customer wants a personalized content with great discount coupons which should be tailored for what they are searching, and the customer can also forgo the brand if they are not doing it right. And do it in a right manner the brands need to focus on the behaviour of customer across the platforms (phones, laptops, watches, etc.)

AI Driven marketing will help marketers to shift their focus from what they are doing in collecting customer’s data to think and develop more creative digital marketing strategy and should ensure that their works goes hand in hand with AI Data.

New AI inventions that can been seen in near future.

  • Introduction of more and more AI based products such as Google home and Amazon Echo.
  • Introduction of Chatbots in Social Media Platforms which will result in two- way customer communication.


  • Integration of Mobile in Digital Strategy: The biggest shift in digital industry is the shift of focus from wide use of desktops to the massive use of Mobile devices in driving the growth of any brand, smartphones have become the mainstream and many consumers use smartphones to view product reviews, do price comparisons between brands while they are shopping in stores, with an increasing percentage of consumers using Internet widely on their smartphones it should be as an advantage should try to reach them out instantly with great offers on their smartphones itself, brands should make sure that they have mobile friendly websites and it should be responsive enough.
  • Time spent on Mobile devices is increasing : In 2017 a average spent 12.5 hour on mobile device this means an avg Indian spends over 800 hours per year for searching for products and watching different content providing an opportunity for marketers to market their brand in front of them without even making it an pain for the consumer to watch the promotion , so mobile can be a great avenue for brands to promote themselves
  • M-Commerce and M- Marketing go hand in hand: Customers are using their mobile devices to make purchase on Amazon and Flipkart and other e-commerce platforms. Even the big business like Big bazar are now having their online store and help customers shop online. In fact, a recent study has predicted that by the end of 2018 75% of e-commerce will be from mobile devices, brands that use a integrated marketing strategy and drive traffic to their apps will see a big revenue and traffic boost.
  • Reach targeted audience: Every brands wants to reach their target group, and this is why mobile marketing is the best and most effective way of marketing, in order to be able to reach mobile users, you need to have their phone numbers and permission to send them promotive material. As a result, only those who are interested in your products or service will give you their phone number. Mobile marketing thus enables you to reach more potential buyers at a considerably lower cost than other marketing methods such as TV or radio ads, billboards, etc.


  • Influencer Marketing can help succeed your goals: influencer marketing has expanded widely in past 2-3 years, influencer marketing is not a new concept in Digital Marketing, probably we have realized its power now because now consumers love to hear the marketing message from the credible source. An influencer, therefore, is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something different.

Influencer Marketing stands on two pillars

  • Credibility of Content and Influencer
  • Reach of the Influencer


  • Credibility of Content and influencer: Trust is the key element in marketing and the content that is being advertised should be Authentic and credible because CONTENT IS KING IN MARKETING and people trust the brand because of the content which they are advertising, so choosing your Influencer is also a very important decision. A tech Youtuber will be valued highly credible while giving advice on Smartphones but will be less credible in giving advice in automobiles.


  • Reach of the Influencer: Reaching right Customer group is another key element in marketing, But Influencer marketing helps brands to achieve that Reach is important but insufficient. Those with small reach but high credibility and salesmanship are called micro-influencers.


  • Chatbots will speed up the Purchase cycle: Chatbots have evolved recently, they are no, longer the chunky robots, now Chatbots can provide customer with instant resolution of their problems, even it can order you a mouth-watering pizza for you.

According to Gartner 20% of business content could be machine generated by the end of 2018 machine are being taught to generate stories that can be advertised to the consumers .


  • 5 Ways How Chatbots makes your life easier
  • Offers you personalized assistance
  • Wide reach
  • Gather and analyse the feedback
  • Move your customers seamlessly through the sales funnel
  • Keeps Social Media presence fresh



Thanks for reading hope you had a great experience and next we will walk you through some recent advancements in Social Media Marketing Field

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